Inbjudan till S606K

I och med vår Allsvenska plats har vi blivit inbjudna till First Winter Act Schweiz. Läs mer nedan om du vill vässa formen inför starten av Stockholm 606 Cup


Since our First Winter Act is already booked out, we have decided to run a 2nd event over easter. The Swiss Canton of „Ticino“ is know for spring staring early. If you and your club are interested in a warm-up regatta prior to the beginning the league season in your countries, we are happy to invite you to Switzerland.

The regatta will take place on 31. March / 1. April 2018

The venue will be the porto regionale in Locarno

The starting fee is € 500.—/team until feb. 15th and € 650.—/team thereafter

We invite 12 teams

6 J/70 boats will be provided.

If you want to participate, please register on:

Thank you also for sharing our facebook event page:

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